We invite submissions for the Seventh Annual International Conference on Innovations and Creativity (ICIC 2023) to be held in Liepaja, Latvia in June 2023. The 7th ICIC aims at bringing together researchers, scholars and practitioners from different fields of industry and academia to share and exchange new ideas, experiences and findings for identifying and popularizing inclusive theoretical frameworks and best practices in multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary contexts. Mathematicians, Computer Scientists, Technologists, Environmental Scientists, Artists, and even Social and Behavioral Scientists will kindly be welcomed.

This event provides a unique opportunity for networking and establishing links with young talents, well-known practitioners, social influencers and famous leaders in impactful areas such as modeling, designing and developing socio-economic and ecological systems.

The 7th ICIC is essentially hybrid. But we strongly encourage participants to attend physically and increase the only chance they have ever had to meet science, technology and art pioneers face to face.

As a general rule, creative approach towards oneself, peers and surrounding environment helps everyone to mobilize for growth and changes. Creative and innovative solutions in art and design are so important communication forms in the expanding communication age. The insight in today’s complicated situation is humans’ aspiration for the beauty, wishing to make life thoughtful and sonorous on the one side, but in reality, facing absolute indifference and subculture products. It is important to understand the creative dimension of human life. Questions how can art and design education be implemented more successfully following the tendencies of the time? and how to foster capacity of personal creativity and innovations perfecting the quality of the person’s life? become topical. Implementation of art and design education, research, professional work in creative and innovative framework will create conditions for perfection of artistic and proficiency, independent creativity and individually creative expression in the sphere of art and design and provide aesthetic capacity and harmonization of the social environment in the dynamic and changing contemporary environment.

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