June 2 – 4, 2022, Liepāja University, Latvia

Abstract submission:
(EXTENDED) till April 30th, 2022
Full paper submission:
till May 30th, 2022
till May 10th, 2022

Conference will be organized in person or in mixed form depending on current epidemiological situation and request of participants.

About the Conference

The International Conference Innovations and Creativity aims to bring together academia, researchers, practitioners, and scholars to exchange information and share experiences and research results of specialized and multidisciplinary studies, including Mathematics, Art, Environment, and Technology. The event provides an opportunity for networking, sharing ideas, and presenting research projects and results, and discussions.

Creative approach towards oneself, peers and surrounding environment helps everyone to mobilize for growth and changes. Creative and innovative solutions in art and design are so important communication forms in the expanding communication age. The insight in today’s complicated situation is  humans’ aspiration for the beauty, wishing to make life thoughtful and sonorous on the one side, but in reality facing absolute indifference and subculture products. It is important to understand the creative dimension of human life.   Questions how can art and design education be implemented more successfully following the tendencies of the time? and how to foster capacity of personal creativity and innovations perfecting the quality of the person’s life? become topical. Implementation of art’s and design  education, research, professional work in creative and innovative framework will create conditions for:  perfection of artistic and  proficiency, independent creativity and individually creative expression in the sphere of  arts and design and provide aesthetic capacity and harmonization of the social environment in the dynamic and changing contemporary environment.

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Conference topics



Innovations in Mathematical Modelling and Applied Mathematics
Creativity in Math Education
Mathematics in Art and Art in Mathematics from Mathematical point of view
Methods of Decision-Making Theory in Innovative Technology, Economics and Finance, Social and Political fields


Development and Applications of Serious Games
Computer Graphics and Multimedia
Databases and Information Systems
High Performance Computing
Artificial Intelligence
Internet of Things

Technologies in Education:

Technological Issues and Applications of E-learning
Educational robotics
Social Networks and Education
ICT and multimedia solutions for STEM education
Smart Learning Environments
Augmented Reality in Education

Environmental Science:

Ecotechnology & Blue economy
Aquaculture, Aquaponics, Blue biotechnology
Biogas and Anaerobic digestion
Environmental management
Circular economy
Education for Sustainable Development

Materials, Energy and Eco-sciences:

Analysis of wave energy
Mitigation of costal erosion
Investigation of new materials for electric accumulators
New 3D printing materials
Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials Research
Plastics recycling

Art and Design:

Creative thinking in art and design solutions: experimentation and methodology
Professional experience and perspectives in art and design in diverse sectors
Cross-disciplinary processes and practice across art, design, media and science: methods,tools, materials and technics
Exhibition of projects/artworks in diverse fields of art and design: advertisement, photography, product design, poster design, fine art, new media art and sciences

Paper publications

All accepted research papers will be published in the conference proceedings ( in digital format).

Selected papers will be published in Baltic Journal of Modern Computing (BJMC) (Indexed by SCOPUS and Web of Science).

Papers of Art and Design section will be published in Journal of Humanities and Arts SCRIPTUS MANET.


If you have any question or need any assistance regarding the conference, paper submission and general request, please feel free to contact us by e-mail: diti@liepu.lv