Requirements for formatting FULL PAPERS

Please prepare and submit the paper according to the following requirements:

  • language: English
  • file format: Microsoft Word
  • page size: A4
  • margins: 2,5 cm
  • row spacing: single
  • maximum of 8 pages including figures, tables and references

Document structure:

  • Title (Times New Roman, 14 pts, Bold);
  • Authors (full name and surname (Bold), Institution, Country (Times New Roman, 12 pts));
  • Abstract (Times New Roman, 10 pts, Italic)
  • Key words (3 – 5; Times New Roman, 12 pts, Italic)
  • Body text (Times New Roman, 12 pts, Sections headings: Times New Roman, 12 pts, Bold)

Papers should be submitted using link

For selected papers for publishing in BJMC, please follow instructions on